I Found the Chicest Shoes at Nordstrom's Limited-Time Sale

They'll all slip nicely into your capsule wardrobe.

I Found the Chicest Shoes at Nordstrom's Limited-Time Sale
(Image credit: Getty Images)

It's one of those days when I feel like the universe is messing with me. I recently did a ruthless cull of my fall and winter footwear, settling on a chic capsule of just five perfect pairs (and a search for just one more) that truly are all I need. Now, the trouble with telling the world about this is that I've backed myself into a corner where I really can't make any sneaky additional shoe purchases—which was the whole point, to be fair.

And now, just when I thought I was in the clear after commendably making it through Black Friday and Cyber Monday without so much as *harmlessly* popping a pair of shoes in my cart, Nordstrom decided to go ahead and have another massive surprise sale, seemingly in an attempt to ruin me. In lieu of shopping for myself, I've thrived in curating the tip-top pairs for you out of everything that's on sale: chic flats, black boots, Mary Janes, modern heels that feel special (but aren't doing too much). For the record, all of these would slip very nicely into my capsule wardrobe, which is exactly what will be happening as soon as a spot opens up.

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