What To Wear To A Wedding

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What to wear to a wedding
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I am a born-and-bred New York City girl. My wardrobe consists of New York black: black pants, black sweaters, black suits, etc. Next month, I am attending a wedding in Savannah for one of my best girlfriends. On the invite, she requested dress to be "southern-style black tie." What does that mean? Are there any styles or details that I should seek out for the reception? Are there any colors that are off limits?

When in Savannah, do as they do: Wear color and look for feminine styles, not the hard and severely fashion-forward attire you're used to in New York. Since too much color may be a shock for a die-hard New Yorker such as yourself, choose light pastels such as lavender, yellow, even light gold for the wedding day. A chic knee-length cocktail dress with a bit of a ruffle at the hem, or the new, subtly sexy dresses in chiffon with ruffled or detailed necklines, would be perfect for the reception. The key looks should flow along your curves, not cling to them. Stay away from black, red and white dresses, as they are sometimes frowned upon at weddings.