The 11 Best Linen Dresses in 2024, According to Fashion Editors

Breezy, beautiful, and the closest you’ll get to wearing, well, nothing.

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Summer is rapidly approaching, and lightweight fabrics will reign supreme as you take on the soaring heat and humidity index. Much like the best linen pants, the best linen dresses are ready to solve all of your summer wardrobe needs. "Linen is the ultimate summer staple not only because it's beautiful but also because it is woven to feel as light as your skin," explains Veronica Tan, senior director of apparel and accessories at Quince. "Linen is made from the fibers of the flax plant, which makes it more sustainable and less resource intensive than other textiles. It's incredibly breathable and naturally temperature-regulating."

"I also love linen during the summer for its versatility: it is a luxe fabric that can be dressed up or down," Tan adds. Look to the beautifully-crafted linen dresses offered by boho brand Zimmermann, for example. "We design our linen pieces with unique embroideries and delicate lace details that can be worn over a swimsuit during the day and dressed up for dinner," details Nicky Zimmermann, co-founder and creative director of the Australian label.

Seamlessly pair a minimalist style linen dress with a breezy blazer and slides for sleek office wear; alternatively, don floral or ruffle-adorned linen summer dresses for special festivities. Whether you prefer an unfussy minimalist style or a feminine floral maxi version, we present you with the best linen dresses of 2023 to shop right now.

What to Look For in Linen Dresses

  • Sourcing

"I recommend shoppers check the details page for any linen dresses they're considering," advises Tan. "Some dresses are made using linen blended with other textiles, which could make the fabric less breathable. The details page will also include industry certifications to meet environmental standards for safety and sustainability. The linen we source for Quince dresses is certified by OEKO-TEX Standard 100, ensuring no hazardous substances are present."

  • Pricing

"Price is also another factor: High-quality linen can be expensive," Tan continues, inviting you to keep your budget in mind as you browse. That's not to say there aren't affordable linen dresses to shop from: Options in the $200 and below bracket are plentiful, too.

  • Fit

Fit, of course, is another key aspect to keep in mind. If you want a linen dress that is incredibly breezy and loose to your form, look for A-line skirts, sheath silhouettes, and relaxed fits. You can even size up if you're looking for a dramatically oversized look—which, as Style Director Sara Holzman reports, is one of summer 2023's top trends.

The Best Linen Dresses

Meet the Fashion Experts

Nicky Zimmermann
Nicky Zimmermann

Co-founder and Creative Director of Zimmermann

Veronica Tan
Veronica Tan

Veronica Tan is the Senior Director of Apparel and Accessories at Quince, an affordable luxury brand based out of San Francisco, California. Prior to Quince, she held merchandising roles at Stitch Fix, Pedder Group, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Lord & Taylor.

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