Cynthia Rowley's Fashion Week Survival Kit

One of the hazards of Fashion Week is achy feet — a problem that every woman has faced during this fabulous week. Just today, I was complaining (in my head) about my feet and how I already have blisters on Day No. 3. Is it just me who feels like if the outfit calls for amazing heels, you HAVE to wear them? I always carry flats in my bag, but I can't bring myself to change out of my heels. Any smart person would carry Band-Aids in her bag, but of course I have never taken the time to stop and get them.

Fast-forward to the Cynthia Rowley show — I noticed there were little presents on each of the seats. To my complete and happy surprise, I quickly found out they were Cynthia Rowley designer Band-Aids — the best present a designer could give her audience during this week. Let's just say I proudly sport two on my toes as I write this post. I love them.

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