In Case Anyone Was Wondering, These 15 Fashion Things Are High on My Holiday Wish List

They make the perfect gifts.


As a fashion editor, I get a lot of people coming to me for fashion advice, but the requests double when the holidays hit. I get texts along the lines of “Where should I shop for my activewear-obsessed cousin?” and “Can you send me an under-$100 jacket that would work for my sister?” on the daily. Look—it’s my favorite part of my job, so I’m all for it. To get ahead of all the messages (you can still text me!), I’m giving you my personal curation of gifts for the fashion lover in your life. And lucky for you, they’re all under $50 thanks to Walmart’s ridiculously good pricing. Ready to see what I’m eyeing (including a few things for myself) and why? Keep scrolling.

Anneliese Henderson
Senior Fashion Editor, Branded Content