It’s Giving Luxury—I Would Love Nothing More Than to Unwrap These 15 Gifts

Here’s a curated list of my wants and needs.

Burberry Shoes Accessories Jewelry

This may be an unpopular opinion, but I love unwrapping gifts that aren’t on my holiday wish list, which is very short might I add. There’s just something special about someone knowing you well enough to curate the perfect gift for you without your input. 

Don’t get me wrong—I prefer my gifts to come from brands that I routinely ooh and aah at, such as Burberry’s latest collection. The assortment of unique and colorful accessories is seriously unmatched.  Many of the products are inspired by the Knight Equestrian design, which is one of Burberry’s oldest house codes dating back to around 1901, but it feels so 2023 and beyond. I’m talking rose-embossed jewelry, shearling-lined heels, leather handbags, and the brand’s iconic cashmere scarves, of course. I scrolled through the entire collection and picked out 15 luxury pieces that will be unexpected but highly praised gifts.

Aniyah Morinia
Fashion and Beauty Editor, Branded Content