What I Wear to Work: Emily Tisch Sussman

The podcast host of 'She Pivots' embraces brights, patterns, and pieces from her past.

Podcast Host of She Pivot Emily Tisch Sussman What I Wear to Work
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In just three and a half years, Emily Tisch Sussman became a mother of three. Before that, she had never really contemplated how kids would impact her dynamic career in D.C., working on Presidential campaigns, legislative change, and reporting as a political strategist on CNN. 

As it turned out, kids would change the course of Sussman's career entirely. "I started to think about what I wanted to see in the world and what position I'm in to contribute. It wasn't straight politics anymore," she explains.

The shift, alongside her interest in connecting and empowering women, led to Sussman's latest endeavor, the She Pivots podcast. Launching this May in partnership with Marie Claire, the series, hosted by Sussman, explores the journey of other successful women who have found their eventual success through bold, sometimes risky choices and non-linear career moves. 

We sat down with the host to hear about how her vibrant but unfussy work wardrobe is the key to her high-performing workdays as she interviews subjects from her home office. Spoiler alert: she ditched stretch pants a long time ago. 

Podcast Host of She Pivot Emily Tisch Sussman What I Wear to Work

(Image credit: Ana Gambuto)

On Her Morning Routine:

"I get up a little bit before my kids do, and I immediately look at my phone. I know we're not supposed to do that, but I still do it anyway! 

I know some people meditate, but I don't. Every morning, I check in with my mom and sister, my mom's group text chains, and my high school friends. Those check-ins with women who are important to me are like morning affirmations.

Then I work out, alternating with my husband on responsibilities like the kid's breakfasts, packing lunches, and getting them dressed. I work out outside, usually running, under almost any circumstances unless it's freezing, snowing, or raining. I need the air. I need to see space.

Even though my kids are on three different schedules, it's a priority for me to drop them off at school. So, I drop them off and get ready for the day."

Podcast Host of She Pivot Emily Tisch Sussman What I Wear to Work

(Image credit: Ana Gambuto)

On Getting Dressed:

"I put on jeans every day— pretty comfortable jeans— I ditched stretch pants as soon as I could post-pregnancy.

I will never get behind the low rise jeans trend; high rise forever— I like Mother Jeans and Veronica Beard. Having kids left my body in a different state—one that reminds me my body is now more about health, strength, and functionality and not about conforming to a trend. 

I also like bright colors and patterns and mixing patterns alongside unexpected shapes— like Joey Wolffer's reworked neck tie blouses— but nothing fussy that I can't move around in. I don't want my clothes to hold me back from playing with my kids.

Recently, though, I've been playing with a completely monochromatic look— it's an easy uniform solution that pushes me slightly out of my comfort zone in a good way.

Also, I hate wearing socks and shoes at home. When I go out, I'll wear Dansko work clogs."

On Shopping Her Closet:

"I like to wear brands that make me feel good and have a principle behind them. I also prefer to support female-founded brands— those pieces feel like a piece of armor, like we're women who are all in this together.

Last summer was the first year I fit back into my pre-baby clothes. So, I'm going to be shopping in my closet a lot for summer. I have a ton of hand-me-downs from my mom and my grandmother. I think almost every day I wear something from one of them. I love giving pieces new life by wearing them in different ways. 

My grandmother had this beautiful, long Armani jacket that she wore to my wedding. My mom just pulled it out last weekend, and I wore it over a T-shirt and jeans. It felt great."

Podcast Host of She Pivot Emily Tisch Sussman What I Wear to Work

(Image credit: Ana Gambuto)

On Empowering Pieces:

"I feel my best self if I'm in an outfit that only I could put together— it probably includes eclectic patterns and shapes. I almost never change my jewelry; I am usually wearing some of Kendra Pariseault's pieces, but I tend to bring in some of my grandmother's jewelry to feel powerful. I imagine the Lion King when they say, 'The ancestors are with you.'"

Shop Some of Emily's Favorite Pieces:

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