One Sheep, Two Sheep, Let's All Sleep

Get your beauty sleep with the help of these tech-y siesta assistants.

The hustle and bustle of every day life make it nearly impossible to wind down, but don't let sleep fall off the priority list. In celebration of November as National Sleep Month, here are some gadgets to help you reach the land of nod.

Withings Aura, $299.95

Withings is known for its innovations in the health and techo-sphere so it's no surprise they've designed one of the most advanced sleep aids out there. This tracker not only takes note of how you are sleeping by assessing your environment and monitoring your movements, but it also uses white noise and light to help you fall asleep and slowly wake up just as nature intended.

Dreampad, $179

Although it might not look like much, this sleep pad does wonders for reducing stress so you can sleep easy. It works by playing music through vibrations, so only the user can hear it, which means you won't be bothering the person next to you.

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Sense, $129

This system, available now for preorder, is the next big thing for sleep seekers. One tracker monitors factors like noise, light, temperature and humidity and the "Sleeping Pill" detects movement as it is attached to your pillow. These two communicate with the app so it knows just the right time to wake you from your slumber.

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Tranquil Moments Bedside Speaker & Sleep Sounds, $129.99

A sound program that offers preset soundscapes to help you fall asleep by night and Bluetooth speaker capabilities to keep you rocking all day.

Sleep Infuser, $449

This sleep enhancer uses natural soundscapes and patterns of low pulses to rid your mind of stressful thoughts and lull you to sleep. From a deep sleep session to a power nap, there is a setting for whatever your schedule allows.

Jenna Blaha