Help, I'm Obsessed with Anthropologie's New Wellness Shop

Crystals and oil diffusers and journals and someone stop me.

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Once, someone told me that I am the living embodiment of an Anthropologie store, a compliment I take very seriously and would like to be placed on my tombstone, thank you very much. I used to channel my love for the retailer—a perfectly curated, aesthetically-pleasing version of my ideal lifestyle—as a part-time sales associate when I came home during college breaks (#TBT). Now, as a digital editor, I'm still obsessing over the lifestyle brand—this time the introduction of its new wellness shops.

A few weeks ago, Anthropologie opened mini wellness shops in 12 stores across the country (with plans to expand to more locations in the fall) that feature 500 products from over 100 brands. The goal is to create a section dedicated to improving your overall health, wellness, and work-life balance by providing a range of environmentally conscious, mindful products for customers to choose from. This includes aromatherapy and essential oils, self-care books, stationary, coffee and tea, crystals, bath and body products, vitamins, supplements, and more online and in cute little sections in the brick and mortar stores. A dream.

The Anthropologie wellness shop in Beverly Hills, California.

Believe it or not, this is not an #ad—I just can't get enough of the products the shop features, including this rose quartz jade roller I keep on my desk when my skin needs a detox, an aura-cleansing ritual kit that comes in handy for the apartment I share with two other girls (trust me, there's a lot of mixed energy that comes in and out of that door), and an essential oil diffuser that has made me question my loyalty to candles. Start improving your wellness by doing something for you and shopping my favorite products, below, then try not to buy the entire section.

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