How I Mental Health by Christy Turlington

For the new series, How I Mental Health, learn how iconic supermodel Christy Turlington gets real about self-love, meditation, and The Great British Baking Show.

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She's an original supermodel, an activist, the founder of the maternal health advocacy group Every Mother Counts, and the timeless frontwoman for Calvin Klein Eternity (the latest campaign for Eau Fresh stars Turlington alongside her husband Ed Burns). At 51, she is the picture of inner peace. In her own words...

1. Social media has a neutral impact on my sense of well-being.

 My definition of a mental-health day is one when I am completely disconnected from technology.

3. I unwind with activities like cooking, running, and reading.

4. My happy place is wherever my family is or when I am somewhere I’ve never been.

5. The not-so-great coping mechanism I had to abandon is smoking. I was a smoker until my mid-20s.

6. When I’m being pulled in many directions, I need to be still.

7. I do breathwork every day to help me feel grounded.

8. If I’m stressed before bed, I stretch; if I’m stressed when I wake up, I go for a run.

9. When I started traveling and seeing the world, it really put things into perspective.

10. I know I can always be myself with my family.

11. I feel the most confident when I am prepared.

12. When negative self-talk is filling my head, I reset by doing something more productive, like a run or yoga, that brings out my strengths.

13. My comfort food is tamari-flavored almonds.

14. The weirdest way I self-soothe is biting my cuticles.

15. The song I put on for positive vibes is “Into the Mystic,” by Van Morrison.

16. The TV show I watch to de-stress is “The Great British Baking Show.”

17. My advice to myself when I’m feeling low is move.

18. My favorite self-help book is Daring Greatly,” by Brené Brown.

19. I think meditation is amazing.

20. My security blanket is myself.

21. My favorite non-medicine medicine is green tea.

22. My mental-health mantra is “Be here now.”

This story appears in the Winter 2020 issue of Marie Claire.

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