New Sport Supplement

Astavita recently unveiled
the newest addition to their supplement line in response to the demand for high
quality products for the physically active.

Physical activity produces an enormous amount of damaging free radicals; the
more intense the activity, the greater the number of free radicals. These free
radicals damage cells by triggering peroxidation (oxidation
to the greatest possible extent resulting especially in formation of a peroxide
of the cell membrane and oxidation of DNA and protein. Free radicals will also
activate the inflammatory response causing additional cell damage. This is
noticed as the onset of muscle damage
during recovery in the form soreness and fatigue.

Astavita Sport's main ingredient was chosen because of its superior ability to
protect against this free radical damage. Published and on-going research,
focused on improving endurance and reducing recovery time, is showing benefits
linked to this potent carotenoid - AstaReal astaxanthin.

Astavita's astaxanthin is
harvested from the best source of astaxanthin in the world: the deep red
microalgae Haematococcus pluvialis. Astaxanthin is an example of evolution at
work. Normally, the microalgae that swim about freely in pools of water are
green. However, when the water pools dry out and the algae are exposed to
intense sunlight, they begin producing large quantities of bright red
astaxanthin. Why? Because astaxanthin is a powerful antioxidant that protects
the algae from UV radiation, allowing them to survive - even in the harshest of

These findings are bringing AstaReal to the forefront as a
dietary supplement for professional athletes as well as the weekend warrior.
AstaReal demonstrated two important physical benefits in clinical trials and
supporting studies, increased physical endurance and reduced muscle damage.

According to Charles DePrince, president of Astavita, "Although the primary
interest is in the ability of a supplement to enhance performance such as
endurance, which Astavita Sport certainly does, it also has a little known side
benefit to skin health. This is important because of the time spent by the
endurance athlete in extreme weather conditions."

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