Health Care Companies Helping Out With Fitness Goals

United Health Care is one of many health care companies offering very special benefits regarding your general health, wellness and unknown to many-your FITNESS GOALS! One of the biggest benefits: Save 5 to 50 percent on wellness products and services generally not

covered by insurance.
Check this out...

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Keep up the good work.

The best time to think about your health is before you have a problem.

That's why® has partnered with OptumHealth to offer

powerful, easy-to-use online wellness tools and programs.

Complete your personal health assessment.

You'll get immediate, confidential results tailored to your needs,

including suggestions for improving your health and avoiding potential


Take action.

Choose from dozens of personal "Take Action" guides. Enroll in one of our

Online Health Coaching programs or use the trackers and tools to start making

important lifestyle changes.

Update your Personal Health Record.

Securely store and track all your health information, medications,

procedures and lab results in one place.

Get discounts.

Save 5 to 50 percent on wellness products and services generally not

covered by insurance. Examples include nutrition supplements, laser eye

surgery, teeth whitening, fitness memberships and nicotine replacement therapy.

Find reliable information.

Explore our comprehensive library of health and wellness articles that

cover parenting, healthy aging, disease-specific information and more.

Sign up for your personalized newsletter.

Get the latest health news and tips, plus individualized content on important

topics in our Healthy Mind, Healthy Body newsletter.

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