Goofy Gift

A friend recently e-mailed me asking which underwater MP3 player to buy. Now I've seen a few people using these the past few years but honestly no one I know personally. Swimming is loud. The sound of the water moving past your ears and head is definitely not quiet. Peaceful but not quiet. And the faster you swim the louder I'm assuming it gets. However, I think underwater MP3 players (which run from about $100-$150) are a fun gadget gift for the swimmer or triathlete on your gift list. I did some research (which means I asked the few people I saw wearing one, what they thought).

First we have the FINIS SwiMP3 V2 Player.

The new SwiMP3 is revolutionary in that it relies on bone conduction of sound. When the device is placed on any bones of the skull (i.e. the cheek bones or the mastoid tip) it leads to vibration of the fluid in the inner ear. Thus swimmers can enjoy clarity of sound with the SwiMP3 device that was never before possible. Bone conduction hearing is a safe, well-established hearing mechanism in humans that the SwiMP3 player leverages to enhance aquatic activity. Finis's application of the technology brings an entirely new level of experience to swimmers, either while working out or taking a leisurely swim.

Bone conduction hearing is essentially an ancient sensory capability that the new SwiMP3 leverages to enhance the experience of swimmers, triathletes, surfers, synchronized swimmers and anyone involved in general water activities. It is a safe, proven technology that the SwiMP3 offers to the wide audience of aquatic athletes.

Additional Info:

  • PC and Mac compatible
  • 256 MB
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Supported formats: MP3 & WMA
  • Weighs only 2 oz.
  • • Compatible with the Finis SwiMP3 charger.

Next up we have the Speedo AquaBeat which in my opinion is the way to go. Speedo offers the MP3 player in a variety of colors and also offers replacement earbuds, earphones and armbands.


1GB (up to 250 MP3 and 500 WMA files)

Playtime up to 9 hours.

Available in 3 colors.

Weight 35g.

Waterproof compact design (can be used safely down to 3 meters).

Waterproof earplugs.

Floats for easy retrieval.

Ergonomic buttons allow ease of use while swimming.

Comes with Playlist Editing Software enables quick and easy adding and sorting of music files.

Easily recharges through PC or laptop through USB port.

Short ear phone cord for easy wear.

Really the only issue is whether the MP3 is attached to your goggle strap or your arm. Goggle strap would be ideal!

Otterbox is another option which is a company that makes cases for your actual iPod. I'm not putting my iPod in a case and then jumping in a pool but you certainly can. And I'm not sure about the 3 feet deep part either.

Otterbox iPod Touch Armor Case features

  • ArmorTM Series for Apple iPod Touch.
  • Waterproof, dustproof, dirtproof, sandproof, and drop-proof.
  • Screen protected by a PATENTED thin membrane which remains fully functional through the case.
  • Hard plastic case protects iPod Touch
  • Full functionality of iPod Touch while inside case
  • Sealed headphone jack allows usage of standard headphones
  • Waterproofed up to 3 feet deep
  • Protection against everyday wear/tear and usage

Stick with the Speedo model. They know swimming and that counts for a lot.