The Coolest Health and Wellness Social-Media Stars Share Their Secrets to Conquering Life


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Her 9-to-5: Cofounder, Serene Book.

Rethink Your Alarm Clock: "I wake to 'Caught a Long Wind,' by Feist, at 7 a.m. Then I see where I am—emotionally, physically, and mentally—to set a vibrational tone for the day."

Find Your Zen: "I meditate three times a day. The first is 22 minutes of Kundalini kriya meditation, then 10 minutes of silence to check in to my chakras, and finally a breathing exercise where I breathe in for 10 seconds, hold it for 10, and exhale for 10."

Consult the Experts: "If I'm feeling stressed, I go to Reiki healers, who help with my energy, and I recently started visiting Michelle Harper at Metaphysica Spa in Los Angeles to get a crystal healing facial."

Sportswear, Physical fitness, Beauty, Arm, Leg, Shoulder, Joint, Thigh, Human leg, Muscle,

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Her 9-to-5: Fitness blogger,

Switch Things Up: "I work out six days a week for an hour in the morning. Each day has a different focus— legs, abs, arms, butt—and I repeat moves until my muscles burn like crazy."

Stop and Smell the Oils: "I have a custom essential-oil blend from Body Bliss with 15 drops of lemon, three drops of rose, six drops of basil, one drop of peppermint, and one drop of rosemary. I put it on my wrist before my workout and inhale three times."

Step Up Your Stretching: "I'll foam-roll for about 10 minutes. It's a more active form of stretching."

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Her 9-to-5: Creative director, Sun Potion Transformational Foods

Later, Morning Smoothie: "For breakfast, I make my matcha potion: Sun Potion's White Dragon Matcha, pine pollen, reishi mushroom, coconut cream, and tocos [rice bran solubles]. It's great for my immunity and energy."

Rinse, Repeat:"I do oil pulling [swishing a tablespoon of oil in your mouth for five to 20 minutes] with organic cold- pressed coconut or sesame oil, which helps pull the toxicity out of my mouth."

Fill Your Glass with the Craft Vibes: "I drink biodynamic wine from VinFuzion and Casa Barranca, grown and harvested in accordance with the lunar cycles."

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Her 9-to-5: Personalized medicine practitioner.

Timing Is Everything: "Meal timing is key to maintaining optimal circadian rhythm [sleep schedule]. I eat within 30 minutes of waking."

Forget Your Fitbit: "I wear an Abbott FreeStyle Libre Pro continuous glucose monitor so I can watch my sugar throughout the day."

Test Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself: "Check your genetic deficiencies, micronutrient levels, and personal biochemistry to see what supplements you'd benefit from. I don't metabolize estrogen well, so I take diindolylmethane [a supplement said to break down estrogen in the body into a beneficial type of the hormone] and turmeric."


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