New Flavor Emergen-C Pink from Liv Tyler & Family

Liv Tyler and family support the fight against breast cancer.

The women of Generation PINK actress Liv Tyler; her mother and rocker, Bebe Buell; and grandmother and etiquette doyenne, Dorothea Johnson.
(Image credit: EmergenC)

Emergen-C, the vitamin-enriched fizzy drink known for boosting energy is now joining the fight against cancer. It is estimated that one in eight women worldwide will suffer from this life-threatening disease.

Emergen-C has teamed up with Liv Tyler, her mother and rock goddess Bebe Buell, and her grandmother Dorothea Johnson, to create Emergen-C PINK

Fifty-percent of all profits from this pink lemonade-flavored drink will be donated to support the fight against breast cancer.

By bringing together three generations of women, the organization Generation PINK hopes to unite those who are committed to the health and well being of women around the world. 

"Generation PINK is about family, education, and good health. By developing a product like Emergen-C PINK, Dorothea, Liv and I have the opportunity to inspire other women of all ages to take care of their own good health through routine mammograms, breast cancer awareness and education." -Bebe Buell

On October 8th, from 10am to Noon, Liv and family will autograph boxes of Emergen-C Pink in New York City at the Bowery Whole Foods Market (95. E. Houston St.).

Emergen-C Pink will exclusively debut at Whole Foods Markets nationwide. Get more info at

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Liv Tyler behind the scenes EmergenC shoot

(Image credit: Unknown)

Liv Tyler behind the scenes EmergenC shoot

(Image credit: Unknown)