Glossier and BARK Teamed Up for a Limited-Edition Dog Toy Line

Meet the "Balm Dogcom."

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Like Oreos and grape jelly, cardigans and cashmere bralettes, some unexpected pairings prove to be even better together than they were apart. That might just be the case with Glossier and BARK dog gifts, which—in a collaboration nobody expected, but that I need, right now, with all my heart—just dropped a line of BARK toys shaped like Glossier staples.

You're probably well-acquainted with Boy Brow, one of Glossier's most beloved and established products. You, like me, probably never gave much thought to whether your dog needed its own version, too, but now that I have this information (and! these! photos!), I can assure you he or she does. Enter: the Toy Brow ($10).

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(Image credit: BARK/Glossier)

And then there's Glossier's Balm Dotcom, the much-hyped skin salve that skincare fanatics can't get through winter without. Glossier just dropped a new berry flavor, and yet I'm even more excited—and I wouldn't have said that was possible!—about the Balm Dogcom ($8), which...well, let me just show you.

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(Image credit: Glossier/BARK)

Oh, and here it is with an actual dog. A really cute dog, no less, because Glossier and BARK seem to be on a mission to melt my heart down to a puddle.

Dog, Dog breed, Canidae, Mammal, Puppy, Companion dog, Carnivore, Bichon frisé, Maltese, Bichon,

(Image credit: BARK/Glossier)

Glossier's New York City flagship is actually just around the corner from BARK's headquarters (is it creepy or cool that I know that? You decide!), and the brands share a love of sleek, efficient design and, well, canines (Glossier is a dog-friendly store). BARK, of course, is the brand behind dog subscription box BarkBox, also known as the single greatest moment of my dog's month, every month.

Oh, you want more Glossier dog toy photos, you say? Well, if you insist!

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(Image credit: BARK/Glossier)

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(Image credit: BARK/Glossier)

This is a limited-edition drop, so if you know anybody who loves both Glossier and their dog with equal, considerable intensity, now's the time to scoop these toys up. And by "you," I mean my friends, family, and casual acquaintances, and by "anybody," I mean me. (Just think about what this could do for my dog's Instagram presence!)

The toys launch September 6 on and in Glossier's New York flagship. In the meantime, please enjoy some of both brands' finest offerings, because if they can collaborate on dog toys, then I can certainly make a joint gallery of all of my very favorite things on this earth.

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