The Best Kitchen Deals in Amazon's Early Access Prime Day Sale

Baking on a budget.

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As the weather begins to grow colder, I start spending more and more time in my apartment, escaping the cold by cuddling into blankets and pillows in my cozy studio. I also start spending more time in the kitchen, propelled into nesting and cooking mode not only by all this time spent indoors, but also by the heat that cooking and baking generate.

Kitchen appliances and tools, however, are among the most expensive home gadgets one can buy. For this reason, I love turning to sites like Amazon for the best deals I can get. Enter the Amazon Prime Day Early Access Sale, and I'm in my glory. Items across the site are going on sale for up to 20 percent off, and kitchenware is one of the categories with the most generous, game-changing price slashes. Scroll on for the kitchen items that are already taking up space in my cart this prime event. And if you're looking to take advantage of this huge sale for all your buying needs, check out all of our favorite Prime Early Access Deals.

Amazon's Kitchen Deals, By Category

  • Air fryers (opens in new tab) on sale for Early Access
  • Coffee makers (opens in new tab) on sale for Early Access
  • Dutch ovens (opens in new tab) on sale for Early Access
  • Rice cookers (opens in new tab) on sale for Early Access
  • Water coolers (opens in new tab) on sale for Early Access
  • Blenders (opens in new tab) on sale for Early Access
  • Cookware (opens in new tab)on sale for Early Access

The Best Kitchen Deals on Amazon

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