The 16 Best Food Gifts for Home Chefs and Foodies Alike

Trust us: They'll eat these up.

foodie gifts
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We all have that friend—the one who collects dutch ovens, kitchen tools, and glassware no matter how much they already have in their cabinets and on their bar carts; they love hosting their friends no matter how small their apartment is; and they spend much of their hard-earned cash hitting up new restaurants. Oh, and the condiments! They never stop buying condiments. In my group, I just happen to be that friend. But if you, reader, are not, you might need to buy a sweet and suitable gift for that friend. We're here with some suggestions to make sure your presents satisfy all of their foodie needs.

If you're stuck on ideas, there are plenty of options for your hungry host-with-the-most. This year has birthed dozens of incredible cookbooks with cuisines from all over the world. Kitchen tools have gotten increasingly more advanced—and a hell of a lot cuter. There are countless kitchen towels, spice racks, and measuring cups to spruce up the dull corners of someone's kitchen. Hey, there's even designer aprons. Ahead, the best food gifts to help your friend cook, eat, and enjoy this holiday season.

Sara Holzman