The Cozy Items Marie Claire Editors Are Obsessed With

Pandemics call for weighted blankets, candles, and paleo puffs.

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Marie Claire editors have had the privilege of working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic, and we don't take that lightly. While our team members are sheltering in place both inside and outside of New York City, one thing remains constant: Each of us have our own items that physically make us feel cozy and metaphorically bring us comfort during these times. Here, we're sharing our cozy picks in hopes that it will inspire you to think about what will bring you peace these days—whether that's a basic item like these, a person, a hobby, or, most importantly, being an ally to our fellow Black Americans.

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1 BlanQuil Quilted Weighted Blanket
BlanQuil Amazon
$99.00 (41% off)

"It's almost too warm for it now, but dear God do I love my weighted blanket. I can't imagine life without itsometimes I'll even lay it over my legs while I'm working. It turns out my husband (who bought it for me) loves it just as much, so we lay it across the bed for maximum effectiveness." —Katherine J. Igoe, Contributing Editor

2 Pura Smart Home Fragrance Diffuser Set
NEST New York Sephora

"I'm a big candle person, but never want to leave one burning for too long lest my fancy candle get used up too quickly. Nest makes some of my faves (hello, Birchwood Pine. Hi there, Bamboo.), so when they came out with this diffuser collab with Pura I was delighted. It's digital and can be controlled from your phone, so you can even turn it on when you're not in your house. By the time you return home, a cozy smell awaits." —Sally Holmes, Executive Editor

3 Faux Fur Throw Blanket

"Working from home, I try to sit at the 'desk' in the 'office' that I’ve set up, but let’s be honest, most days I end up on the couch. And that means this faux fur throw is draped across my lap. Even if it’s hot outside, I always at least keep my feet underneath it (my feet are never not cold!). It’s fluffy on one side and velour on the other, and it keeps me comfortable even when the days are super stressful. Eleven out of 10 recommend." —Danielle McNally, Deputy Editor

4 Resina de Breu
Costa Brazil Blue Mercury

"I’m living for the Resina de Breu from Costa Brazil. It’s a natural tree resin from the Amazon rainforest that looks like a piece of rock, but you can light it like incense and set it on a tray. It emits this amazing white smoke that swirls about and smells vaguely like fresh pine. It cleanses a room (figuratively and literally—Breu has antiseptic properties), and makes for the perfect focus ritual coupled with a few slow, deep breaths in the morning. Breu clears my head and instantly lifts my mood." —Ying Chu, Beauty Director

5 Roaming Buckle Slide Sandal
SOREL Nordstrom

"I read Julia’s article about wearing shoes at home so I now have indoors-only slides that keep my feet comfortable." —Aya Kanai, Editor-in-Chief

6 Women's That's All Right Socks
Richer Poorer

"I'm obsessed with Richer Poorer's sock collection—every time I receive a compliment on my socks, I'm wearing a pair from the brand. This 'That's All Right' pair keeps me cozy during work from home while hiding the fact that I haven't gotten a pedicure in three months. (Yikes.) I wear them for my workouts in the evening as well, so I don't have to ever take 'em off. Yes, this is what thriving in quarantine looks like." —Rachel Epstein, Associate Editor

7 Neo Monogram Blanket
Louis Vuitton

"My Louis Vuitton Neo Monogram wool and cashmere blanket was something I purchased a few years ago as a way to elevate the look and feel of my living room. I was terrified of actually using it for the longest time, which drove my husband insane. It stayed expertly tossed across the back of my sofa completely untouched. Now that I’m at home 24/7, it has quickly become a comfort blanket of sorts. I’m constantly wrapping myself in it as I shuffle from room to room. It’s so warm and soft and I’m thrilled I have it. There’s something about draping myself in a luxurious designer throw that makes me feel okay about never putting pants on." —Maxwell Losgar, Entertainment Director

8 Owala FreeSip Tritan Water Bottle
Owala Amazon

"This is my favorite water bottle that I keep at my desk and refill all day. It's so important to keep moving and stay hydrated even when you're home." —A.K.

9 Memory Foam Mattress

"I let my boyfriend, an engineering nerd, pick out our mattress when we moved in together last year (my only stipulation: it must comfortably fit our dog). So I wasn’t involved in the endless review-skimming he dedicated a week to, but when this mattress arrived (in a box, hence its name, Bed In a Box), I became an instant convert. 

This luxury-but-somehow-affordable mattress has been a blessing in quarantine for several reasons: 1) It’s socially appropriate to sleep away half the weekend now, and there’s nothing else I’d rather do it on; 2) The memory foam stops me from waking up when my boyfriend stumbles in after playing Xbox until 2 a.m.; 3) It’s the Goldilocks-esque perfect mix of not too soft and not too firm; and 4) Said dog loves it so much that he climbs in there at 9 p.m. every night and waits for me to join him in our personal memory-foam paradise. Did I mention it’s weirdly affordable?" —Jenny Hollander, Director of Content Strategy

10 Byredo Suede Handwash

"My Byredo Suede handwash is the best-smelling soap I’ve ever come across in my life. It’s a great incentive for anyone to wash their hands as often as possible. I discovered this soap at MILK Studios in L.A. on the set of a cover shoot last year, and I’ve been obsessed ever since. It reminds me of being on set, which is something I’m really missing as we create this magazine from home." —M.L.

11 Coaster Luxe Sweatshirt

"My number one cozy-keeper is my dog, Amber, a Yorkie mix. I adopted her from The Sato Project. However, when it comes to something you can buy, this Athleta Coaster Luxe Sweatshirt has luxury built-in to the name and comes with a non-sweats-y $79 price tag. It’s so soft and silky…I might get it in all of the colors. I wear that all day and feel less slob-like as I WFH." —Maria Ricapito, Senior Features Editor

12 Throw Blanket
Trademark Global Target

"I always need a blanket over me when I’m watching TV and hanging out on the couch, no matter what the season is. I love my blue fleece throw because it’s lightweight, warm, and it definitely makes me feel cozy. My exact blanket isn’t available anymore (I’ve had it since college!), but this plaid one is similar. The blanket is machine washable, which is nice because sometimes I accidentally spill wine or drop food on it—oops. The more you wash it, the softer it becomes." —Marina Liao, Fashion Editor

13 Aqua Universalis Candle
Francis Kurkdijan

"When I need to vibe out, a really bougie candle sets the mood. This Maison Francis Kurkdijan candle makes me feel like I'm somewhere really fancy, not working off a laptop in my kitchen." —Julia Gall, Accessories Director

14 Paleo Puffs
Lesserevil Amazon

"If Dakota [Johnson] eats them, I eat them too." —A.K.


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