Taurus Weekly Horoscope

Here's what's in store for you the week of February 6.

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Earth-mother Ceres has entered your birth sign. In Roman mythology, she's the one who makes the fields of grain grow. She's the champion of those who lack power and status. And she's the goddess of awareness: in your case, self-awareness. You may feel like a different person than you usually are this week, and you're likely to get different results. Who is that person? The idea 'grounded' comes to mind. That means your feet are on the ground. The idea 'loyal' comes to mind, and that means loyal to yourself. Finally, the idea of nourishing comes to mind. Most people live as if the world and all the people around them are here to meet their needs. Try on the notion that your primary role is to nourish and feed the people around you. Experiment with that in as many forms as you can for a week or two— then evaluate how you feel.

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(Image credit: Getty; design by Katja Cho)

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