Who Is Alexandria Ocasio Cortez's Brother Gabriel? He's an Artist and Musician

He's a fierce supporter of his older sister.

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Given that she's the youngest person ever sworn in to Congress and the talk of D.C., you'd imagine that a support network would come in handy for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez—and two of the political powerhouse's biggest supporters are her family members, her brother Gabriel Ocasio-Cortez and her mother Blanca.

Gabriel was the person who initially sent his sister's information to a Democratic political recruiting group, per Insider, who met with AOC and encouraged her to run. Gabriel was firmly in her corner throughout her candidacy, and remains so: "I‘m the proudest Brother in the World.No Debate," he wrote on Twitter in December.

Like his sister, Gabriel is creative and ambitious, juggling multiple careers—he's a musician, an artist, and dabbles in real estate and consulting. He's what we know about the "proudest brother in the world," who of course was there to support his big sister during her swearing-in.

He's a New Yorker.

Gabriel and Alexandria grew up in the Bronx, and Gabriel currently works in Armonk, according to his LinkedIn page. He attended Long Island University, and graduated with a degree in art psychotherapy.

He's an artist and musician.

Per his personal website, it's clear that Gabriel identifies as a creative professional first and foremost, singing and recording his own songs and painting as well. This is even in spite of significant barriers, as he explained on Twitter:

He's also involved in local real estate, and is a realtor for Grand Lux Realty, which specializes in the New York area. He also does consulting work—so, like his sister, he clearly likes to keep busy.

His father shaped him.

Sergio Ocasio passed away in 2008, and Gabriel has been open about their "difficult" but incredibly loving relationship. "The truth is that my Father saw something in me nobody else did. He believed in what he saw, like an undeniable truth. He saw the potential I failed to see myself," he wrote on Instagram.

"His belief in my potential was strong enough to outlive him, and make me search inside to see it for myself. It was one of the few elements that helped me survive the change that followed his death."

He's his sister's biggest fan.

Alexandria features heavily on Gabriel's social media as his sister, friend, and inspiration. Gabriel himself speaks out on issues around race, women's rights, and other causes that he and his sister feel passionate about, even joking about going into politics himself. "You really shouldn’t underestimate an Ocasio-Cortez," he says. I bet.

He attends important events with his sister.

During Alexandria's swearing-in, Gabriel stood proudly to the left of his sister while his mom held the Bible. "My heart is so full of love & hope," he said of the event. Gabriel also attended the latest presidential State of the Union Address.

He looks like Marc Anthony.

I mean, according to Cardi B, that is.

I...totally see it.

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