Chasten Buttigieg, Mayor Pete's Husband, Just Gave His First Major Interview

Chasten Buttigieg has been supportive and vocal about his husband Pete Buttigieg's popular presidential run. In what looks like his first interview since "Mayor Pete" decided to run for president, Chasten sat down with NowThis to talk about his husband, the response to his candidacy, and what they consider important for themselves and others.

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Chasten Buttigieg, who has been supportive and vocal about his husband Pete Buttigieg's popular presidential run, has already spoken on social media about LGBTQ issues and other topics that will be hotly considered during the run-up to 2020. But, in his first major interview since "Mayor Pete" decided to run for president, Chasten sat down with NowThis to talk about his husband, the response to his candidacy, and what they consider important for themselves and others they're trying to support.

First, Chasten provides some oh-so-adorable details on his first date with Pete: "When I pulled up in front of his house to pick him up, he opened the door and we both said 'howdy' at the same time and then we both said, 'What? That's my word!'" Ummm, I love it.

He also talks about why he became a teacher, and how he was inspired from the lack of resources he had when he was growing up: "I wanted to be the teacher in the room that made kids feel like their dreams mattered...When I was 13, I didn't think that there was a world waiting for me...I would have told myself to be patient. I wanted everything right away. But it takes time, and now I have an amazing husband, an amazing group of supportive friends."


Chasten spoke about the current political climate—one of the many reasons he and Pete are now on the campaign trail. "I don't think we can be comfortable where we're at now. Equality wasn't won when we were granted marriage equality, it was just the beginning. We can't be complacent with where we're at right now. We're just getting started."

When Pete announced his candidacy and Chasten was backstage listening to the crowd responding to him, he says, "I was shaking uncontrollably...I was just overcome with emotion."

Chasten's also gotten messages of support, even from people living in red states, to himself and Pete—first openly gay Democratic presidential candidate. "I'm really happy to carry the torch and bravely and proudly carry the banner for our community and for everyone. This campaign is love and you are loved and you matter. And we're gonna go out there and make you proud." (weeps quietly)

Here's the full video:

It's worth it to watch the whole thing: Chasten talks about the teacher who most inspired him, what it's like being on the campaign trail—and a cameo from Mayor Pete himself talking about how much he loves Chasten. **heart eyes emoji**

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