Chasten Glezman, "Mayor Pete" Buttigieg's Husband, Is Super-Supportive

The couple live a low-key life, ft. adorable dogs.

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Pete Buttigieg, a.k.a. "Mayor Pete," is the only millennial candidate in the 2020 race—and if elected, he'd be the youngest president in American history. Despite his youth and local experience, the Internet has been fangirling over the mayor of South Bend, Indiana, who is openly gay and married to husband Chasten Glezman. It's not hard to see why: Buttigieg, a veteran and scholar, is charismatic and whip-smart, and has been described as the future of the Democratic party by Obama himself.

Considering the steps backwards the Trump administration has taken for LGBTQ+ rights in the States—Mike Pence, I'm looking at you—it would be nothing short of glorious to have a same-sex couple in the White House. Here's everything we know about Glezman, our potential first-ever "First Gentleman."

He's a teacher.

Per their New York Times wedding announcement, Glezman is a "junior high school teacher at a Montessori Academy in nearby Mishawaka, Indiana." He got his master's in education at nearby DePaul University after getting his BA from the University of Wisconsin. He teaches humanities and drama, and is apparently super-beloved by the kids.

They've been together since 2015.

Both are from the Midwest, and they bonded over their shared love of local food on a first date in September 2015. "Once I saw he was down for the Scotch egg, I knew it had a shot," said Buttigieg.

"I had been in a couple of relationships and was a couple years out of my last," added Glezman. "I wanted to meet someone to actually go on a date with, the goal being a long-term relationship."

They moved in together in 2016, with Glezman commuting back to Chicago until he finished his degree.

He's very supportive.

After the couple got married, Buttigieg explained, "Chasten has done a great job of making sure things went well while I was putting in late nights at the office and he’s got a pretty demanding job as a teacher as well.”

And when Buttigieg announced his run, Glezman was all in:

And also really outgoing.

Glezman does improv comedy, and, hilariously, is much more extroverted than his "shy" partner Buttigieg (interesting, given Buttigieg's choice of profession and, well, the fact that he's running for president).

They had the best wedding ever.

Apparently, "it was the first time in four decades that a sitting mayor of South Bend had gotten married while in office."

Both men love Indiana and the Midwest, and that enthusiasm really showed in their marriage. Per their New York Times wedding announcement, the nuptials featured:

Tacos from the Rico Suave food truck; sliders from South Bend’s the Beard & the Boss (even the pork was local, provided by Gunthorp Farms, a fourth-generation Indiana operation); beer from South Bend Brew Works; an assortment of regional cheeses from Oh Mamma’s deli; salads from Cafe Navarre; lattes and coffee from Zen Cafe, housed inside LangLab; artisanal chocolates from local Violet Sky chocolatier; specially created ice cream from the Outside Scoop, flavored with honey harvested from community gardens or whiskey from an Indiana distillery.

And they have the cutest dogs.

Just look at them!

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I mean.

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