Who Is Joe Biden's Youngest Daughter, Ashley Biden?

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Former Vice President and current Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is close with his entire family, which includes his youngest daughter Ashley Biden. Ashley lives a quieter, less public life than her older brothers Hunter and Beau (Beau sadly died in 2015). Married in 2012 to Dr. Howard Krein, the social worker/career development and education liaison has evolved into a business owner and passionate advocate for social justice. So what else do we know about Joe's daughter, who will likely be more visible as 2020 continues?

Ashley is very close with Joe.

Ashley is Joe's second daughter—her older sister Naomi and Joe's first wife Neilia were tragically killed in a car accident in 1972 (Naomi, nickname "Amy," was only 15 months old). Joe married Jill Biden in 1977, and Ashley was born in 1981. Ashley accompanied her father on the campaign trail, and the experience inspired her to a career as an activist. "My dad always taught me that silence is complicity, and that I must stand up for anyone who was being treated unfairly. That has stayed with me through adulthood, and is the guiding principle in my professional life," she explained.

Ashley's activism continued as an adult. She was named executive director of the Delaware Center for Justice in 2014, which focuses on criminal justice reform. Her work was impacted by life in 2015: Her older brother Beau passed away of brain cancer. "It was very important to Ashley,” her mom explained at the time, “to carry on Beau’s legacy—the reforms in criminal justice, his work with children. Hunter, too, set an example with the work he was/is doing. She always had a reason to be engaged with them and she found a way to follow her own lead."

Ashley owns her own company, Livelihood.

Ashley founded the organization Livelihood after Beau died. It designs and sells American-made clothing, with a goal of donating proceeds to sales to community organizations in D.C. and Delaware.

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The intention of the organization is "supporting criminal justice reform, improving childhood education and ameliorating economic disparities." The brand is currently going through a relaunch.

Here, she speaks about Livelihood at the University of Delaware:

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As of June 2019, Ashley hadn't officially joined Joe's campaign—at the time, she was speaking to The Washington Post about the uniforms she'd designed for Hamilton Hotel in D.C. and her goals for Livelihood. But, "Once campaigns start rolling, they’re like a snowball picking up pretty much everything in its path. There already have been stories asking questions about the status of her brand, how much money has been raised, where it has gone...Family members don’t choose to join campaigns. They are the campaign." So there's a good chance we'll hear more about Ashley as Joe's campaign continues.

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