Sarah Palin Is Considering a Return to Public Office

After resigning from her Gubernatorial post in 2009, Sarah Palin says she's considering a return to politics with a Senate run.

sarah palin considers senate run in 2014
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In 2008, Sarah Palin went from being a little-known Alaskan governor to one of the world's most talked about women, accepting the Republican running-mate slot with former candidate John McCain. Although her loss in the election didn't mean the end of Palin (books and TV shows were still to come), the self-proclaimed Maverick hasn't been in the spotlight much lately. Come 2014, that could all be changing: Palin has said that she's considering a run for Senate.

On yesterday's Sean Hannity radio show, Palin claimed that people are "requesting her to consider" a run for Senate, but that she's laying low and waiting to see who else expresses interest in the race. However, her past success in Alaskan elections doesn't mean that her home state is behind her. In a poll conducted by Public Policy Funding in February, only 16 percent said that she should consider a presidential run in 2016. After resigning mid-term due to an investigation of ethics violation, she didn't exactly leave public office with a positive image. Since then, she's been an occasional Fox contributor. But Palin's talk of a return to politics brings up an even bigger question: Is this her way of paving the road for a possible presidential campaign? We'll have to wait and see.

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