Meet the Woman Who Is About to be The Next Queen of Spain

Meet the Woman Who Is About to be The Next Queen of Spain

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The Duchess of Cambridge may receive the bulk of the world's royal attention, but she's about to get some serious competition in the form of Spain's Princess—soon to be Queen—Letizia. Her husband Prince Felipe's father, King Juan Carlos I, announced his abdication this week, meaning that it won't be long until Letizia is Queen. Everyone is buzzing about the royal that's already made waves in Spain for her impeccable style, and of course, inspired fashion blogs chronicling her sartorial choices.

Letizia is a modern royal in every sense of the phrase: she wasn't born into a noble family, and spent time working as a journalist and news anchor after finishing college (she has a bachelor's AND a master's degree in journalism). Her journalism career was witness to serious moments in recent history including reporting from the Iraq and Ground Zero just after 9/11. Not to mention she's got some big names on her resume, including CNN and Bloomberg's Spanish division. Her broadcasting days waned when Leitizia turned her focus to her royal duties and her two daughters, Leonor, 8, and Sofia, 7. Even still, she maintains a sense of normalcy in her life—she's known to take the subway and she still pays her own mortgage on a Madrid apartment. To cap it all off, she's—gasp!—divorced. Her marriage to Prince Felipe is her second. Married in 2004, Letizia and Felipe celebrated their tenth anniversary. And just like another talked about royal, she's a frequent shopper at affordable chains such as the Spanish born Mango and Zara. Down to earth with fashion taste within our price range? This is queen we can get on board with.

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