My Other 9 New Year's Dating Resolutions

I was remembering my botched porno purchase just the other day.

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I decided to list out some New Years Dating resolutions because I was remembering my botched porno purchase just the other day. All of these bad things in my past have led me to think that I'm cursed when it comes to dating. This year I decided to discard the idea that I am destined for failure. I need to stay positive.

My other New Years Dating resolutions are based on improving my chances and making it easier on myself:

Seize the Day

The other day I got my hair cut and the girl at the front desk was amazing. I actually ended up asking her good questions: where are you from, what's your name - normal questions that kept it basic and kept things simple. Turns out she was from Yugoslavia, and I skipped out of the salon texting my friends about the "Yugoslavian Siren" I had met.

I need to capitalize when circumstance and luck bring me face-to-face with an interesting girl, and not let the opportunity slip through my fingers. Any time, any place, I need to seize the day.

Spend More Time Improving Myself

If I'm single and unsuccessful, the best way to make myself more attractive is to keep finding ways to make myself better every day. Maybe I do some volunteer work, and/or stop biting my nails.

Don't Be Afraid to Date More Than One Girl At A Time

If I'm up front about it, I should just date as many girls as I can. I still don't know exactly what I'm looking for in a girl. The odds are low that I want to date a girl more than once. So why not just go on as many dates as I can, and hope that something pans out of the group. In the process, I can also learn more about what I am looking for in a girl.

Don't Look For Perfection

Seeking perfection is making it impossible to find anyone, and giving me an indirect excuse to stay single. Besides, sometimes people's imperfections are what makes them attractive. Perhaps I will see this play out this year.

Don't Have Expectations

I'm just going to go out and have fun and meet people. If I put pressure on myself, expecting to meet a certain girl, get to a certain point in a relationship in a certain amount of time, or take a girl home, I will get too tense and feel like I failed if it doesn't work out the way I expected it to.

Revel in Rejection

There comes that magical time in every guy's life when he realizes that rejection is not that bad. He gets comfortable with it, and figures out that all guys get rejected. Sometimes it gets to a point that a guy is more comfortable with rejection than he is with success. If I can once again learn not to fear rejection, I will be more comfortable putting myself out there.

Try to Edit Myself

I will never have a filter that can prevent the stupid things I say. I always say too much. Saying too much increases the risk of saying something stupid or offensive, and also kills any mystery I am attempting to build. I'm already bad at building mystery as it is, so I need all the help I can get.

Don't Waste Time with Unavailable Girls

What's the point? Even if it seems like it will work out, there's too much drama. Girls who are difficult because they can't commit, girls who have boyfriends-I'm setting myself up for failure if I think anything will come out of these situations. Why decrease my already terrible chances with other factors?

Listen to Advice

I do read your comments and I appreciate them. This year I'm going to put some of it in to motion. I can guarantee that you all know what I'm doing more than I know what I'm doing. So keep the comments coming!

For those of you who know me well, what kinds of resolutions do you think I should make? What New Year's Dating resolution would you make for yourself?