Raising the Stakes for the Date with Hot Band Guy

Dear lovelies:

Well, the comment-o-sphere has been seeing a lot of action these days, has it not? Craziness.

The big news of this week has been Hot Band Guy asking me out on a date--right there at the bottom of Friday's blog, right in front of all of you. (That, of course, was after I blogged about him blogging about me.)

And I quote:

Since the ice has been broken here, maybe we can get a drink or

something later in the week? If you are bored by the time you finish

your club soda, I will buy you a second one and find another dude for

you to flirt with!

-Hot Band Guy

I was going to put this thing up to a vote--like, all those in favor of me going out with him, say Yes! But I won't bore you with something like that, waste a blog day, because I know what you're going to say. That it should be a fait accompli at this point, a done deal, and I better go out with him if I know what's good for me. Right?

But since that's settled ... let's make it interesting, shall we?

Obviously, if things don't work out so great, Hot

Band Guy has got to find me another dude--he dug that hole for himself.

But what other stipulations

should we put on the date?

I'm thinking that both of us should do a little live-tweeting--you know, give some real-time updates of how things are going (but not so many that we are distracted from the date itself).

But I think it would also be fun to make Hot Band Guy fill out a dating feedback form after the fact. This is where YOU come in, dear readers. What questions should I ask him--about me, and how I come off in a (admittedly totally bizarre) dating context? And about dating in general, things he likes and doesn't like?

Tell me what you want to hear about, from him, and we'll take it from there!



dear commenters:

-Barbie: I like your point about making a new friend. Maybe that's how I should think about it. But it can be tough to stay in that mindset when a dude goes in for the smooch at the end of Date No. 1 ...

-Ellen: yes, I would say for sure, if a dude smacks another woman'srear end in front of you on Date No. 1, there should be nooo No. 2!

-CA Girl: The bad boy conundrum indeed. Sigh.

-Blue: Totally--I like them because they're unattainable. Which more or less = I'm a commitment-phobe, doesn't it?

-Amber: I teased Arlo in the same way--saying, what was this, about his not thinking Hot Band Guy was so hot? I think it's just, you know, human nature--I can see myself complaining in the same way about some chick Arlo thought was a knock-out if I didn't think she was all that. ... I like your point about people not really being themselves on the first date. But ... really? I dunno. I guess I feel like I'm *myself* always--for better and worse!

-Hi Arlo! I have NO IDEA why you think HBG is such a great match for me (um, have I mentioned that he is unemployed?) but thank you for rolling up your sleeves to help find me love and happiness ... But seriously, why DO you?