The Absolute Best Way to Give a Girl Flowers

George Stroud/Hutton Archive

Imagine if — only a few hours after meeting you for the first time — a man had a helicopter fly over your house so it could be showered with hundreds of red roses.

Would you marry him a few weeks later, in an eight-minute Las Vegas ceremony? Brigitte Bardot, the French model who was famous in the '60s, got hitched to Gunter Sachs — playboy, photographer, and art collector — after he dropped thousands of petals over her villa on the Riviera. And they remained married for three years.

Sachs kind of upped the ante on the old tradition of buying a girl flowers, didn't he? (Tragically, he also died recently, at the age of 78. It seems he committed suicide.)

Sachs' dramatic gesture is the kind of thing that usually only happens in the movies. Has anyone ever done anything similarly wonderful for you?

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