Advice From Real Wise Sages: Married Women

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I admit that my previous post, "Advice From Three Wise Sages: Married Guys" was a bit tongue-in-cheek. Advice from guys is usually wrong, and advice from married guys is worse. So in an effort to balance the scales, I've collected some nuggets of wisdom from married women.

While the guys were telling me about how to navigate the stormy seas of a female's mind, the women chose to tell me about falling in love,which I thought was nice.

Your Commitment Level Is Proportional To How Much Crap You'll Take

I can totally get on board with this. I've finally realized, no one is perfect. But there are people out there with whom we're compatible despite their

annoying little flaws.

I've convinced myself to break up with girls for a variety of reasons: too nice, weird big toe, bad laugh. Women have to put up with many of my annoying characteristics: not knowing where I'm going a large percentage of the time, forgetting things, bad judgment.

All of these annoyances qualify as "crap." You get to a point in your life where you're ready to put up with crap — it coincides with when you're ready to commit and settle down.

It Won't Work If It Isn't Easy

All relationships take work, but there's a seamless nature to successful relationships. Most relationships have their rocky moments, particularly in the beginning. But if you both like each other and you're both making an effort, then it's going to happen.

If one or both of you have issues, aren't sure of your feelings, or you're playing games, it's going to create a difficult and frustrating situation that will probably not work out.

The "Right One" Is Also Your Best Friend

This is an extension of the other rules: I put up with my best friend's crap,and our relationship is easy. My best friend is the one I tell things to right away, laugh with the most, confide in, and can talk to about anything. That's certainly what I want in a relationship with a woman.

Do you agree with these pieces of advice? What would you add to the list?

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