The 17 Best Sex Games to Spice Up Date Night With

Game night, but make it hot.

Adult board games
(Image credit: Design by Susanna Hayward)

Date night can get, well, stale. Honestly, if you're in a relationship and you're at the point of planning dedicated "date nights," there's a good chance you're firmly in the comfortable phase of your love affair. And there's nothing wrong with that. Comfort is good. Comfort is awesome, even. It's just that comfort can also, sometimes, be a little boring. If you've ever had the "oh, night...again" feeling when it comes to planning a date night with the human you romantically love, fear not: There is an entire industry out there just waiting for spice up your night in. What is that magical industry, you ask? The sex game industry.

Don't worry, we're not talking about wild, Eyes Wide Shut-esque levels of adventurous. These are games that anyone who enjoys a sexy night in can play and love with the person they love to play with (and, yeah, we mean "play" both literally and euphemistically). It's game night, but make it SEXY, you know? So, if you fear that you're falling into the same rut of stay-at-home dinners and Netflix-and-cuddle sessions, why not plan a sexy date night that keep things behind closed doors but ramps up the sex appeal? Here, find the best-rated sex games to enhance your creativity in the bedroom, from dirty-talk card prompts to intense Kama Sutra board games. Let the games begin...