Anthony Weiner's Wife Didn't Stand By Her Man

Unlike many political wives, she was noticeably absent during the press conference at which he admitted to his transgressions.

anthony weiner
(Image credit: Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

I imagine you're all having different reactions to Congressman Anthony Weiner's public confession that he sent inappropriate texts and photos to six young women he met online — including the scandal-causing shot of his gray underwear. Maybe you feel like it was disgusting and pathetic, maybe you feel like it's not such a big deal, maybe you wish politicians could focus a little more on their jobs and a little less on what's under their boxer briefs, or maybe you wish the media would just shut up already.

But no matter how you feel about it, I'm guessing that you can agree with me on one thing: It's awesome that his wife Huma Abedin, an aide to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, didn't subject herself to appearing with him during his press conference.

Don't you think she did herself and women everywhere a favor by choosing not to stand up there, looking weepy and powerless — as so many political wives in similar situations have done — while he admitted his transgressions?