No Place Like Home: What Single Women's Bedrooms Look Like All Over the World

Marie Claire photographed single women around the world—from a hipster in China to a hip-hop aficionado in Greece—in their bedrooms. See how their private spaces reflect their personal style and passions. Photographs by River Boom.
River Boom

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Beijing, China

Kay, 23, lives in Gulou, a neighborhood that still feels like "Old Beijing." Many buildings like hers were demolished ahead of the 2008 Olympics to make way for luxury accommodations.

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Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.

Aisha Mohammed, 25, lives outside the ultramodern city's limits in a desert village, where temperatures can reach 130 degrees.

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Buenos Aires, Argentina
Carla Sgarbi and Mariana Bayle, both 26, have been friends since they were 1-year-olds, so they're comfortable sharing a very small space in the center of the city.

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Athens, Greece

Eugenie Manisalidi, 25, lives in a big apartment in the southern part of Athens. She lives alone, but her mother and grandmother live in the same building. Manisalidi fell in love with hip-hop and African culture at age 17 and has amassed a collection of posters and books that color her walls. She has traveled to Africa and wants to move to Ghana.

[image id='610f978e-1b89-4877-a9dd-4af3939e60d2' mediaId='61a0b41d-f010-4ec2-85c4-77cc0f0d70be' loc='C'][/image]

Cairo, Egypt

Enas Sherif, 22, was born in a small village in the desert three hours south of Cairo, but now she lives with her family in the eastern part of the city. Sherif, who wants to be a flight attendant for an Egyptian airline one day, says the poster on the wall behind her bed makes her "dream of traveling to places far from Egypt."

[image id='d99892f9-c862-4509-8c2d-d450e56e0a93' mediaId='21048cd4-cd42-4c39-ad72-e5095fc4d441' loc='C'][/image]
Tokyo, Japan

Mayu Shimura, 22, lives with her parents and younger sister in a big house in the northern part of Tokyo. She loves the color green and decorated her room—and even her Italian greyhound named Mer—in the hue.

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