75 Real Sex Scenes in Movies

These actors aren't faking anything.

Sex on a TV
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Here's the thing. People have sex. Movies have sex scenes. Wouldn't it be intriguing if a movie featured two actors having actual, consensual sex, instead of just mimicking sex in a way that looks great onscreen but is almost certainly very, very awkward in real life? Yes, obviously, we're aware that great, consensual, female-friendly porn exists, but we are not talking about porn here. No, we're talking about actual, mainstream (or, at very least, as the level of "mainstream" achieved by arthouse foreign films and indies) movies with actual plots that also happen to feature actual humans engaging in actual sex acts. Don't roll your eyes—these movies exist. And, not only do they exist, but there are, honestly, way more of them out there than you probably realize—and we're just highlighting 75 of our favorites.

You read that correctly: This list contains 75 sex movies that have answered your prayers and made all of your sex-obsessed dreams come true. They all feature plenty of sex, and, unlike most of the sex you see onscreen, the moments of hotness in these movies is all completely, totally, and one hundred percent real. It's intense and kind of hot to see people have sex in a movie and know it's actually real, and that's what you'll get with these movies. As you might expect, a lot of these movies are indies and foreign films—realms where pushing the envelope, especially in the realm of carnal pleasures, is more accepted. But, some of them feature fully mainstream stars and Oscar winners like Al Pacino, Mark Rylance, and even Dame Helen Mirren.

Mehera Bonner
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