The Kachi Lodge Stargazing Dome Offers a Next-Level Glamping Experience

Camping, but a million times cooler.

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Now that summer is officially in full swing (!!), you're probably going back and forth in your BFF group message discussing travel plans for the next few months. This year, instead of your run-of-the-mill trip to a beach, take your midsummer vacay to the next level by booking your stay at the ultramodern Kachi Lodge.

Built right on top of the picturesque Salar de Uyuni (the largest salt flat in the world), the Kachi Lodge offers a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Looking around, guests will be in total awe of their surroundings; the breathtaking landscape is a result of a prehistoric lake drying up and leaving only the cracked white desert-like earth in its wake. The towering Tunupa volcano—don't worry, it's dormant—casts a shadow over the lodge, only adding to the setting's mystical energy.

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Though located amongst the elements of nature, you won't exactly be roughing it. Kachi Lodge puts a cool spin on glamping, housing guests in futuristic-looking luxe domes spread across the salt flat. The luxe digs are furnished with everything you would hope to find in a five-star hotel, including a private bathroom, elegant rustic interior decorations, and a comfortable double bed placed right in the middle of the dome for prime viewing of the Bolivian night sky.

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At an elevation of 11,800 feet, Kachi Lodge provides a first-class viewing experience of the stars that stargazing enthusiasts will be obsessed with. Not well-versed on astronomy? No worries—there are experts onsite available to provide thorough explanations on the constellations and the relevance of the stars in Bolivian culture. As part of their stay at the lodge, guests can also explore the locale of the salt flat, including a tour of the Tunupa volcano, a bike ride around the nearby cactus islands, and delicious food courtesy of award-winning local gastronomic eatery Gusti Restaurant.

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After a visit to Kachi Lodge, you'll never look at vacations the same ever again.

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