How to Master the Perfect Fishtail Braid

An easy summer staple.

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The fishtail braid gets a bad rap for looking overly complicated to try at home, but it's really just a matter of practice. If you're tired of sweeping your hair back into yet another ponytail, perfecting the fishtail braid is a crucial hair hack to learn for busy mornings. It simply requires an elastic band and zero hot tools (hallelujah 🙏), plus it's equally wearable for the office or a summer date. Follow along below to find out how to master this versatile style in five easy steps. 

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Step 1. 

Sweep hair over your shoulder and separate into two large sections.

Step 2. 

Grab a small piece of hair from the left section. Next, cross it over the rest of the hair in the left section and pass it under the entire right section.

Steps 3 and 4. 

Now, repeat step two on the right side (in reverse), being sure to cross over the rest of the hair in the right section and then under the hair in the left section. Repeat this process on both sides until all of the hair is threaded together, then secure the ends with an elastic.

Step 5. 

Gently pull at the finished braid to create a messy 'do. And, if you want a sultry, undone look like Ciara's, leave some of the hair out of the braid to majestically drape around your face. 

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