50 Tastiest Summer Cocktails

Forget hitting the bar, it's all about DIY luxe cocktails this summer. We've compiled the top 50 must-make cocktails for your cookouts, block parties, or even just lounging around lazy days. Drink up — it's going to a hot one.


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    Skinny Lime Sangrita


    3 oz The Skinny Vine Mini Moscato
    1 oz Hornitos Plata
    2 oz Finest Call Lite Margarita Mix
    ¾ oz Monin Sugar Free Triple Sec
    12 ea Lime wedge pieces
    1 ea Lime squeeze


    Fill mixing glass ¾ full with ice. Add The Skinny Vine Mini Moscato, Horintos Plata Finest Call Lite Margarita Mix, Monin Sugar Free Triple Sec and Lime wedge pieces. Squeeze juice of a lime into drink and discard rind. Shake and pour into glass.

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