Gwen Stefani's Cover Shoot Style

With hair tied up and abs of steel bared, cover star Gwen Stefani prepares to take the world by storm, again. For more from Gwen, don't miss our exclusive interview from the October issue of Marie Claire!

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    Rock 'n' Rule

    "Get in line and settle down!" If the chorus of No Doubt's debut single in nearly 10 years has a certain grade school ring to it, perhaps it's because the band's front woman, Gwen Stefani, now 42, spends her days wrangling two wild boys (sons Kingston, 6, and Zuma, 4). For the singer famous for her unbridled energy onstage, "settled down" is the new yet fitting description. At our photo shoot in the Malibu hills, she shied away from anything too see-through. Fur was also off-limits. "My entire band is vegan," she explained. "They would kill me!" An army-inspired mix of cargo pants and jackets set her at ease, while a tousled topknot felt quintessentially Gwen — fun with a glam twist. Onward, sister solder. —Katie L. Connor

    Peggy Sirota
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