Leighton Meester's Cover Shoot Style

Vive la femme! The stylish star gives girly a good name in these ultra-feminine photos. Get the full lowdown on Leighton — read our exclusive interview now!

leighton meester
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    Glitter bombshell

    The pains of being dressed are something Leighton Meester knows all too well. As Blair Waldorf on Gossip Girl, her costume changes are as frequent and over-the-top as her character's mood swings. So when Meester was pinched by a rogue zipper at the fitting for our cover shoot, she laughed. "It's OK," she joked. "I'm just going to have to sue you now. No big deal." On set at Industria Studios in NYC, Meester brought a sense of humor and rocker edge to the high-glam looks of chiffon and sparkle provided by the MC fashion team. The result: a wardrobe worthy of Glinda the Good Bitch. Blair Waldorf would most certainly approve.

    Meester in a Vionnet dress.

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