Meet the Designers of Project Runway Season 11!

It's that time again! These 16 budding designers with serious ambition and a definite knack for drama are all vying for the Season 11 crown in the series' first ever team challenge. That's right: Designers will be working in teams for the entire series, but only one contestant will be the winner. So, who's it going to be? Read up on the Season 11 designers, right here.

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    Matthew Arthur

    Age: 30
    Hometown: Hammond, LA
    Lives in: New Orleans, LA
    Twitter handle: @matofonet

    Design training/schooling: "I am one of those self-taught folks."

    Strengths as a designer: "When it comes to my work, I have a knack for playing with print, color and alternative materials. Also, I kill it at styling."

    Influences: "I love a good 3 a.m. girl: textured hair from a night of dancing, still holding on to her makeup with heavy liner and a bold lip color, and clinching onto her cocktail as she travels to the next stop."

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