15 Halloween Costumes You Can Get Away with Wearing at the Office

Thanks, Halloween, for happening on a Monday this year. 😒

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File Halloween under The Top 3 Chillest Days at Work: It's one of your few office-appropriate chances to break from your power suit/oppressively buttoned-up "office drone" style to dress up in vintage getups and face makeup.

But if you're going to take part in some costume contest shenanigans, the same rules don't apply as, say, your anything-goes college parties. It's preferable to stand out but not have your distracting outfit land you in a thread with HR, right?

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Below, find inspiration for Halloween looks that don't involve the term "sexy," colored contacts, or spoonfuls of fake blood.

1. Bumblebee

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Similar black-and-white styles seen here and here.

2. Chill Pill

3. Wonder Woman

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4. A Cactus

5. Sia

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6. Holly Golightly

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7. Margot Tenenbaum

8. Frieda Kahlo

9. Wednesday Addams

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10. A Chanel Fangirl

Similar tweed jacket found here.

11. Annie Hall

12. A Pink Lady

Cotton candy haired 💗✨

A post shared by Loni Catherine (@lonicatherinec) on

Similar wig style found here.

13. Joan Holloway

14. A Sentient Snapchat Filter

Happy Halloween from your resident snapchat deer! 👻 It "felt" good to get crafty again.

A post shared by mara (@marafalst) on

15. Rosie the Riveter

We Can Do It! #halloween2014

A post shared by Marie Hines (@marie_hines) on

Similar denim top found here.

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