Euphoria-Inspired Makeup Ideas For Halloween This Year

Make sure you have plenty of glitter on hand.

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(Image credit: HBO + Getty Images)

The scariest thing about this Halloween—besides a rampant pandemic and the looming election—would be if Euphoria wasn't coming back for a second season. But don't worry: Just a month after the show originally aired in 2019, HBO renewed it. And while the last original episode, which features Zendaya's Emmy-winning performance as Rue and the gripping portrayal of Jules by Hunter Shafer, aired before all this, the aesthetic it established remains all that. Which is all just a fancy way of saying: If you want to dress up in Euphoria-themed makeup for Halloween this year, it's completely allowed, encouraged and endorsed by us. News to no one: Fun and fantastic makeup never goes out of style. 

The show's on-set makeup artist, Kirsten Sage Coleman, imagined a fantastical take on beauty with lots and lots of glitter, bold colors, interesting shapes, and more. The looks are obviously memorable, and they've had a major impact on its watchers, the red carpet, and the runways (Euphoria literally dominated the beauty looks at New York Fashion Week, both virtually and IRL.) Thankfully, we have a timely excuse to copy the the sparkly tears, sequin cat-eyes, embellished eyebrows, and innovative eyeliner from the grittiest glam world— Halloween is next already month. So, instead of scrambling last-minute, here's some fresh inspiration from the runways to slay this spooky season. Click through for the 17 makeup looks to channel the coolest gals on TV right now.