Your Labor Day Weekend Playlist

99-CENT DJ Labor Day weekend: Last of the summer fun or a fearless foray into fall? Make it the best of both with this mix from MC's resident music guy, Scott Frampton.

"Don't Upset the Rhythm (Go Baby Go)," NOISETTES. This U.K. trio's alloy of sleek pop, disco swing, and singer Shingai Shoniwa's catlike vocals will have your hips swiveling in the direction of the nearest dance floor.

"I and Love and You," THE AVETT BROTHERS. Like a beach read packed into five minutes, these achy country harmonies relive romances come and gone.

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"Medicine Man," ZERO 7. This soulful weave of finger-popping organs (yes, organs!) and Eska Mtungwazi's ticklish vocals is as cool as those first autumn breezes.

"Too Fake," HOCKEY. Candy-striped pop so frothy and fun, you and the girls will laugh off another sun-scorched season of bad dates.

"Fireflies," OWL CITY. Toast the last sunset of summer to the bloops and bleeps of this blazingly loopy electronic number.

"Downtime," ROBERT GLASPER. A jazzy piano trio that will have you bebopping to your own soundtrack like Snoopy.


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