Give Katy Perry a Round of Applause (and a Gatorade) for Her Stunt-Filled "Rise" Video

Cardio goals: exceeded.


The Rime of the Ancient Mariner probably wasn't the *exact* inspiration for Katy Perry's "Rise" music video—that would be the Olympics, actually—but she does lug a (figurative) albatross around, only it's a pink parachute that comes in handy as a bivouac. Aren't you just glad Orly's version of #whatdoyoupeen had nothing to do with this?

Definitely sending her Apple Health stats shooting through the roof, the action-heavy video stars Twitter's Most Followed as some sort of hair-pierced, Sorel-boot-wearing paratrooper who crash-lands in water but also gets stuck hanging off a cliff but also can't just undo her vest? Dunno—which is probably why they went with a nonlinear narrative. The visuals are stunning, though, so watch here and load up on enough contact adrenaline to power through this summer Friday.

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