Office Style: Our Interns' Favorite Jeans

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I asked a few of the Marie Claire fashion interns to wear their favorite pairs of jeans and share why they love them! Here's what they had to say.

Krysta Hill

mcx-amanda-krysta-hill-0311-lgn.jpgAge: 20

Jean size: 27

Brand: Levi's Skinny Jeans

"I bought these Levi's in Chicago at a great end-of-season sale for an unbeatable price. They are my absolute favorite pair of jeans and the best part about them is that they are long! I have long legs, so it's always hard to find jeans that fit me well. They fit great and are comfortable — I don't have many jeans that I can say the same for. They're perfect for a casual weekend in New York City."

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Hayley Maisel

mcx-amanda-hayley-maisel-0311-lgn.jpgAge: 21

Jean size: 25

Brand: Joe's Jeans "Ex-Lover" Stretch Boyfriend Jeans

"My Joe's Jeans are my absolute favorite pair. After searching for months, I finally found them in my size. I really love these jeans, which is something my friends would never hear me say. Because I'm petite, I usually find myself trying on jeans that are too long, or even too tight in the legs and too big in the waist. Not only does the name "Ex-Lover" give a fun twist to the classic "boyfriend jean," but also, they fit perfectly with just enough room that I don't look like I'm swimming in them. These jeans make me feel confident, and I love that the more I wear them, the better they look. They came with a distressed wash, and as time passes, I love seeing how they have changed to become more unique."

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Ann Nguyen

mcx-amanda-ann-nguyen-0311-lgn.jpgAge: 21

Jean size: 27

Brand: Levi's 501 Boyfriend Cut Jeans - Ovation

"I am such a huge fan of the boyfriend jeans, and that's why I'm in love with this darling pair. They are extremely lightweight, very soft, and overall, a comfortable denim. They fit low on my hip, which allows me to create the slouchy boyfriend look. I also love the color and wash on them, which makes it easy to wear with almost anything! I have the power of dressing them up with 5-inch heels or wearing them casual with simple ballet flats. These Levi's are hands-down the most comfortable jeans I own, and if I could wear them every day, I probably would!"

Liz Wheelis

mcx-amanda-liz-wheelis-0311-lgn.jpgAge: 23

Jean size: 30

Brand: Vince Eclipse Flare Jeans

"I adore my Vince jeans because they not only feel great, but also make me look longer and leaner. A few of my favorite accents are the simple black pockets, the gradual flare from below the knee, and the length. Because I am five-foot-nine, finding the right jeans that are long enough — without the fear of them looking like high-waters — is always a challenge. These jeans have become a great investment. Also, since the '70s flare and light denim are popular season trends, my Vince jeans make me feel fashion-forward."

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