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We all love our coffee in the morning, but the brown cardboard sleeves that accompany those lattes leave something to be desired. Cup Couture offers a new way to keep your fingers cool and keep you looking even cooler. These washable Cupcoats come in a variety of fashionable styles — everything from psychedelic paisley to faux chinchilla. But perhaps the Cupcoat's best feature is that it is reusable. By slipping this on your Starbucks in the morning you'll help out the environment and look more stylish than ever.

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Available from Cup Couture, cupcouture.com; from $12


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Splishing and splashing and singing in the bath. Let out your inner diva in the tub or relax to some soothing tunes with a new innovation from MTI Whirlpools, Stereo H2O. It doesn't just put speakers in your tub, but makes the bath itself an actual speaker. The new system, which is available on most of the company's products this month, even offers something for those who want to rock out with their rubber ducky. By altering the bass settings on the speakers, you can actually feel the vibrations in the water. Rock on!

Available from MTI, MTIwhirlpools.com, 1-800-783-8827


While gadget geeks have been buzzing about Apple's latest product, the iPhone, another item from the makers of the iPod may have passed under the radar. Apple TV just began shipping, and for hard-core iTunes fans it could revolutionize those hours spent in front of the tube. The wireless device automatically brings all of the movie and television downloads from your computer to your TV. Will Apple TV be the next TiVo? Slim chance. Viewers are still required to purchase episodes for $1.99 a piece, and while iTunes' selection is growing, it is still very limited.

Available from Apple, apple.com; $299


Just because you're not exactly a grease monkey doesn't mean you have to be lost when it comes to caring for your car. This new gadget plugs into your car and lets you know if you have anything to worry about. A green light means you're ready to go, yellow signifies you should head over to the body shop soon, and red lets you know your wheels are in serious trouble. Although CarMD doesn't pinpoint the problem, it does give you an idea of what is wrong and even tells you how much it will cost to fix.

Available from CarMD, carmd.com; $89.95


Dreaming of sipping on a glass of merlot while gazing out over a vineyard, but stuck in your apartment? Welcome the WinePod, a revolutionary innovation that allows you to become the winemaker of your dreams by bringing the process into your home. Just put the grapes in and let the pod go to work. Connected to software on your computer, the WinePod monitors all the variables of winemaking, leaving you with nearly four cases of your own signature blend in just months. Cheers!

Available from WinePod, winepod.net; $3499

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