A Chat with Designer Timo Weiland

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Checking out upcoming collections from fashion's heavy-hitters is one of the great draws of Fashion Week—who doesn't love a good Proenza Schouler skirt or Oscar gown?—but it's often the younger, newer design talents whose shows we end up anticipating most. Case in point? Contemporary his-and-hers label Timo Weiland, which showed a delightful collection late Sunday night at Lincoln Center. It marked design duo Timo Weiland and Alan Eckstein's first runway outing, and from the peachy, beachy bandanna prints to the watercolor "lilypad" florals, there were plenty of pieces to keep their fast-growing fan base happy well through fall 2012.

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Post-show, we caught up Weiland backstage to hear more about what inspired those earth-toned tropical prints. "The collection's all about a New York artist on a surf trip," he explained. "We thought of it as Basquiat's last hurrah in Hawaii! So we really went for it with the acid colors and clean greens. We thought about what Basquiat's girlfriends—'chiced-out' town girls and art denizens—would wear." Weiland added that he hopes to grow the label to include accessories, shoes, and costume jewelry in the near future, and even spilled about a recent encounter with a pint-sized Hollywood A-lister. "Elle Fanning and I are pen pals!" he laughed. "She wears our yellow lace cutout dress, and in her own words, it's just really girly and fun. She sent me a long, super-sweet thank-you note about it—on her own personal stationery!"

Check out a few of our favorite looks from Timo's spring collection below.

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