Countdown to the 2020 Presidential Election

You Should Volunteer For A Political Campaign

To quote poet June Jordan, "We are the ones we have been waiting for."

The Women Running for President in 2020
This election season, a history-making, record-setting number of wom…
Brianna Wu
I Ran for Congress. I Lost. I'm Persisting.

Repairing the nation after 2016 was never going to be a quick fix.

Senate BFFs Booker & Gillibrand Are 2020 Opponents
The longtime friends will likely be going head-to-head in the Democr…
Everybody Running for President In 2020

"I’m not a billionaire. I can’t fund my own campaign."

From explainers to essays, cheat sheets to candidate analysis, we're breaking down exactly what you need to know about this history-making election.

The United States Capitol building at night in Washington DC, USA.
The Chairwoman of NARAL's Board Has Resigned to Run for Congress

Allison Fine, a nonprofit veteran, has vowed to fight for women's reproductive freedom.

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In Iowa, AOC Makes the Case for Bernie Sanders

It was his rally, but a lot of the septuagenarian's supporters were there to hear what the 30-year-old congresswoman had to say.

Cory Booker Just Dished Major Details on His Relationship With Rosario Dawson

"I’m excited that we’re building toward something," he said of Rosario Dawson.

Presidential Candidate Pete Buttigieg Holds Grassroots Fundraiser In Miami
Chasten Buttigieg and "Mayor Pete" Are Sharing Their Story With Thousands

"You belong. You are loved. You are welcome here."

2015 Vanity Fair Oscar Party Hosted By Graydon Carter - Arrivals
Kamala Harris Is Married to Her Number One Fan

The powerhouse couple said "I do" in 2014.

The Troll Hunter Who Could Stop Russia from Hacking the 2020 Presidential Election

Bots, beware: Camille François is coming for you.

ABC News - 2019
Cory Booker's Veganism Will Likely Play a Role in His Presidential Policies

As president, he hopes to pass key legislature to protect animals.

How Many Presidential Candidates Are There, Exactly?

It's a very crowded race.

Everything to Keep in Mind Going Into the Fourth Round of Debates

The field is narrowing.

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Before You Know It, the 2020 Conventions Will Be Here

They're sure signs that the end of the campaign cycle is near.

15 Minutes With Elizabeth Warren

The frontrunner for the Iowa caucus had just enough time to answer your five most burning questions.

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Your No-Nonsense Guide to How Democrats Are Polling

Three candidates are in the lead.

Topics Discussed at the 3rd Democratic Debate: Not Abortion

We couldn't have taken a few minutes out of three hours to talk about this issue that impacts literally everyone?

The Best Reactions to the Third Democratic Debate

"I just burst into tears when Warren started talking..."