The 7 Best Facial Massage Videos on the Internet

Because you're worth it.

When Princess and the Pea-ing your pillows and chugging a liter of body-temperature lemon water upon waking simply aren't enough to counteract the effects of last night's sodium smorgasbord, there's always the manual solution: facial massage.

We searched the Internet high and low for seven videos that teach you how to de-puff, improve circulation, defy gravity, and carve out cheekbones and a cut-granite jawline without rupturing anything. A final word of caution before you get started: Your epidermis is a 10-ply cashmere sweater to be handled with kid gloves and the gentlest touch—not to be kneaded willy-nilly.

Begin with this introduction to facial massage, which somehow manages to be thorough and extremely soothing at the same time. ASMR score: off the charts.

It'll be the day when Lisa Eldridge isn't on point. Plus don't you want to find out how she uses that rolling thermometer contraption?

Seriously. If everyone who appears in these tutorials made a CD, we'd buy it and be able to fall asleep like that every night. (Then wake up, mush our faces around, and be unbelievably radiant, naturally.)

The most active of the bunch, this how-to is like a mini workout for your arms and your mug.

Not going to lie: We tried this no-oil-required one at our desks.

Want to know where massage and masks fit in your skincare regimen? One girl breaks down the steps.

This is a super-quick routine even we could do on our busiest/laziest mornings.

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