Madonna's Derm Spills Her Glow-y Skin Secrets

All the intel, straight from the source.

When confronted with red-carpet snaps of Madonna's smooth, seemingly poreless complexion, it's hard to believe that this near sexogenarian's career has spanned about 35 years. Her face tells a very different story — and we chalk that up to the pop star's long-time commitment to a robust skincare regimen. To unlock the secrets of Madge's ageless face, we talked to dermatologist Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank. He took Madonna on as a patient a few years ago, and has worked with her to help bring her skincare line, MDNA Skin, which has been flying off shelves in Asia since 2014, to North America, where it's launching on September 26 at Barney's New York. (A corresponding professional skincare treatment, The Madonna Facial, is also available the same day at Frank's New York offices, pfrankmd Skin Salon.) He revealed exactly what the superstar does to look this good.

Routine Benefits

"Consistency, routine, and finding something effective is key for Madonna," Frank says. Routine is essential to any skin care regimen, he adds. "It's not the occasional pampering that leads to graceful aging, it is the regular religious care that you give your skin day in and day out," he explains. So if your goal is looking #redcarpetready like Madge, he recommends doing simple things every day, like applying sunscreen, avoiding sun exposure, moisturizing, and sticking with products that work for you. "Madonna is an extremely regimented, disciplined person and she follows the essentials to a tee," Dr. Frank says. "Her skin has clearly benefited over the years."

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Magnetic Attraction

Madonna used similar skincare formulations for years before developing her line with Japanese company MTG. The MDNA Skin Chrome Clay Mask incorporates the magnetic, mineral-rich clay mask Madonna had developed especially for her. It uses thermal waters and clay from Montecatini, Italy. The clay's high salinity keeps it from drying out, while its double coating sets it apart it from a sea of mask competitors. The first is a floss coating that grabs impurities from the skin, while a magnetic coating allows for easy removal. "The Rejuvenator tool magnetically collects the impurities and charcoal off the skin, while a veil of the mask serum is left behind, leaving you dewy, radiant, and hydrated," Dr. Frank says.

Magnetic Attraction

Ever the triple threat, Madge loves to multitask while wearing her eye masks, and it was important to her that she be able to don them while going about her day. "She had [the MDNA The Eye Mask] developed specifically so she can do other things while using them," Dr. Frank says.

In Case You Mist It

The final step before Madge graces any red carpet — or any room for that matter? She spritzes her face with MDNA Skin's The Rose Mist, which hydrates and refreshes her makeup for a dewy effect. "She's obsessed with it," Dr. Frank says. "She was directly involved with its development because she loves roses and she wanted a pocket-sized toner she could spray herself with before walking into any room." He's even gotten hooked himself. "You get the Damascus rose scent and you're spraying thermal waters of Italy on your face," he explains. "I never thought as a guy, I'd want to constantly spray rose water on my face, but I have to tell you, you'll constantly use it."

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Faithful Facials

The singer gets oxygen facials and LED light treatments a couple of times per week. "These are her go-tos above and beyond the MDNA products," Frank says. Frank notes that the facials Madonna gets at his offices aren't just steams, serums, and creams. It's an hour and a half hour treatment that includes dermabrasion and a dermal infusion of MDNA Skin The Serum, comprised of thermal water, hyaluronic acid, and antioxidants. In fact, every product in the MDNA range uses M.T. Parca, a proprietary ingredient derived from four natural springs in Montecatini that mimics the skin's recovery process of sedating, restoring, and activating.

At-Home Pampering

Since dermatologist-administered facials every few days isn't in the cards for most of us, the good news is that you can still reap the benefits of Madonna's treatments with the MDNA Skin Rejuvenator Set. It includes a dual-head beauty device: The magnetic head removes the clay mask, while the infusion head provides Auto Skin Search (ATSS). This function detects skin's moisture and adjusts the current and voltage levels to deliver consistent infusion levels.